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Commercial Services

Our proteomics services identify and quantify cell signalling proteins and their phosphorylation sites from various cell and tissue lysates provided by local and international customers and collaborators using our proprietary Kinex™ microarray, Kinetworks™ multi-immunoblotting, and Immunohistochemistry services. Extensive evaluation of commercial antibodies by our staff permits expansion of the range of signalling proteins that we can track for our clients. Kinexus also offers custom peptide synthesis, recombinant protein production, and mass-spectrometry-based protein identification services.

Corporate Development

Corporate Development directs the research and analysis of business opportunities, assesses potential markets, makes recommendations for new projects, analyzes new market areas, evaluates projects, directs the policies and programs relating to corporate licensing objectives for the acquisition of opportunities and is responsible for strategic partnerships and research agreements with other companies.

General Administration

GA manages and coordinates general office services and support functions that may include: telecommunications, photocopying, word processing, mail collection and distribution, central filing, office supplies and equipment, data entry, purchasing, shipping and receiving, and general support of the business and scientific divisions.


Finance plans, directs, and controls the company's overall financial plans and policies to ensure that all financial, administration, and operational processes are compliant with corporate policies, industry standards, and generally accepted accounting principles, as well as provides the overall direction for the accounting, tax, budget, credit, and treasury functions.

Human Resources

HR manages and coordinates the planning, development, implementation, and administration of the organization's compensation and benefits, employment and employee relations programs including recruitment, retention, staff planning, training and development, counseling, health and safety, and compliance to all legislative requirements to maximize the potential of employees to contribute to company performance and effectiveness.

Informatics and Information Technology

Bioinformatics supports a research program focused on developing cutting-edge products and services by providing programming or other expert computational assistance, assessing computational methods of tools, providing services and general support in computational methods to research and development groups, designs and develops software solutions to facilitate high-throughput analysis and database searching, automated annotation, knowledge management, and elucidation of signalling network architecture.

Information Technology (IT) directs all information systems activities to support the scientific, business, and financial needs of the company. Responsibilities include: systems, design, systems programming, application programming, telecommunications and networks and overseeing the needs for analysis, acquisition and maintenance of all information processing equipment.

Research and Development

R&D conducts scientific research and development of potential new products, systems, inventions, and problems and/or to explore opportunities to redesign existing products, services, and systems to improve performance, reliability, and manufacturability. It directs research and development activities relating to investigation of new technologies and experimentation directed at the practical application of scientific theories, and the design and development of the company's products and services.

Sales and Marketing

S&M establishes and implements overall company sales and marketing strategies and programs including pricing, distribution, advertising, and sales promotion to develop volume, product mix, and market share objectives, directing market research, product planning, product expansion, sales forecasting, customer relations functions, technical and administrative product information, new account development and growth of existing accounts both domestic and international.