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Kinexus has serviced over 1050 academic labs in universities and hospitals around the world, as well as over 250 industrial laboratories in over 120 biotech and pharmaceuticals companies. Approximately 66% of our clients are based in the United States, which is why we price our services in U.S. dollars. However, our clients are found in over 33 countries world-wide. From surveys with our clients, over 93% have rated our services as good to excellent. Over a third of our clients use our proteomics services again within 12 months of their initial work order. We view our clients as our research partners.
We believe that over 100,000 scientists could benefit from the use of our proteomics and bioinformatics services. While there is increasing recognition that a systems analysis approach is essential for generation of major breakthroughs in understanding normal physiology and disease pathology, there are significant challenges related to securing the financing and tools to conduct this higher level of investigation. We know that ultimately this is the future of medical research, and our goal is to accelerate the transition. We are seeking to empower both academic and industrial scientists to advance their research on the cell signalling front by providing the most innovative, reliable, and cost-effective proteomics and bioinformatics services available in the world.
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