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Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation maps and monitors the molecular communications networks of living cells for biomedical research into the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of human diseases. In particular, the company tracks enzymes called protein kinases that control other proteins by carrying out their phosphorylation at regulatory sites known as phosphosites. Phosphosites act as on/off switches for proteins. Their malfunction has been linked to more than 400 human diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and inflammation.

Currently, Kinexus measures the presence and activation states of over 650 different protein kinases and other regulatory proteins and many of their phosphosites in cell and tissue specimens through our integrated platform of cell culture, protein microarray, immunoblotting, mass spectrometry and immunohistochemistry services.
These innovative proprietary services utilize unique and stringent screening methods to facilitate the discovery and validation of biomarkers, drug targets and the rapid exclusion of inappropriate drug leads in the early stages of the drug discovery process. This is further augmented by a suite of open source, online bioinformatics services that are offered by Kinexus. Our bioinformatics studies are helping us to create new tools for biomedical research that include enzymes, antibodies and peptides.

Our unique business model permits the growth of Kinexus through revenues from provision of our unique services and products, access to thousands of experimental animal and human specimens, and the development of working relationships with thousands of researchers. For over 12 years, Kinexus has provided our unique services to over 1600 laboratories in 35 countries.