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Corporate Values

Kinexus seeks to be the epitome of a 21st century company in our truly flat world of science and business. While we are based in Canada, our clients are international, and located in over 33 countries in 5 continents. We value and promote cultural diversity in our workplace. Our employees’ origins can be traced from all over the planet. We rely on courier services, e-mail, regular letter post, facsimile transmissions, scientific publications and regular attendance at international scientific meetings to maintain contact with our customers. Wherever international courier service is possible, we are pleased to provide our unique proteomics services.

We strive to treat all of our clients, suppliers, employees and shareholders with fairness, honesty and integrity. We aim to provide the best value for our customers, but without compromise to quality. We have tested thousands of antibodies from over 26 major suppliers to identify the best they have to offer. In the face of so much that is unknown about cell signalling in humans and diverse model systems, there are many unquantifiable variables that can confound the types of analytical services that we provide. However, we take client satisfaction very seriously and endeavor to provide the best service possible. It is important to us that our clients receive answers to their questions and their results from our services in a prompt and timely fashion. When clients wish to follow up on their research findings, we are pleased to inform them from where we sourced the particular antibodies that gave their most interesting results.

We desire to make a real positive impact on improving scientific knowledge about how the human body works, and how it can be fixed when it goes awry for the most common and devastating diseases that afflict humanity. Consequently, we are genuinely excited by the opportunities to provide critical insights in the biomedical research programs of our clients. When our clients succeed, everyone benefits.

We are also concerned about the health of the environment of our planet. We have made a conscious effort to minimize the use of toxic chemicals and animals in our research. We recycle all our paper, cans and plastic ware when possible. We use a black background on our website, because this uses less energy draw than a bright screen. When we advertise, we avoid producing unnecessary packaging and large brochures. Rather we have focused our sales and marketing budgets into creation of an informative, searchable website, CD’s with comprehensive documentation for distribution at scientific conferences, and electronic ads. While we rely on e-mail to contact thousands of scientists, we are careful not to abuse to this ability. We only send e-mails to scientists that we believe could benefit from our services, only five or six times a year, and just when we have a special promotion or to announce the introduction of a new service.

While we are in a very serious business, we have not forgotten to have fun and be continually awed by the wonders of nature in the nanocosm. All of our promotional materials are designed to be unique, esthetically pleasing and educational. Our proteomics and bioinformatics services are intended to be highly informative about the hundreds of cell signalling proteins that are critical for life. Our aim is to reveal the amazing complex world within our cells, and serve as knowledgeable guides for our clients on these inner explorations.