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Kinexus is highly motivated to work with other companies and academic institutions in the pursuit of our corporate goals. These include the following opportunities:

Drug Development

Kinexus is seeking to forge partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies that are interested in working with our company to identify appropriate protein kinase drug targets and small molecule inhibitors of these enzymes.

Diagnostics Development

We are also looking for diagnostics companies that may wish to co-develop phosphosite-based diagnostic reagents and tests. We are also willing to work with clinician scientists in universities and hospitals to investigate human samples for potential disease diagnostic biomarkers.

Bioinformatics Development

Kinexus is interested in collaborating with academic and industrial organizations with bioinformatics expertise for analysis of our KiNET databank for the purposes of signal transduction pathway mapping, and disease marker and drug target identification.

Antibody Development and Characterization

We are always open to collaborating with producers and vendors of immunological reagents to create new antibodies or for testing their existing antibody inventories for inclusion in our proteomics services.
Kinexus also enters into a small number of academic collaborative projects with university scientists each year in the pursuit of ground-breaking research. If you have an interesting proposal, send us a short 1 page outline and we will give it serious consideration.

For corporate development opportunities, please contact:

Dr. Steven Pelech
President & Chief Scientific Officer

Phone: 604-323-2547