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Kinexus is striving to revolutionize the discovery-based research paradigm so that all researchers can access and benefit from taking a systems biology, proteomics approach to investigate their experimental model systems. We have created a powerful discovery engine that is unparalleled for the generation and analysis of quantitative proteomics data based on the application of over a thousand highly validated antibodies. Each of the unique services offered by Kinexus are highly integrated and permit our clients to:

  • Access hundreds of cell/tissue specimens [In Vivo Services];
  • Perform broad analyses for hundreds of signalling proteins, phosphosites and pre-made cell lysates [Kinex™ Services];
  • Validate the probes for their most interesting data [Kinetworks™ Services];
  • Identify antibody cross-reactive proteins and global protein phosphorylation (Mass Spectrometry Services);
  • Validate the biomarker leads for their most interesting data [Custom Kinex™ Reverse Lysate Microarray Services];
  • Locate proteins in tissues and cells [Immunohistochemistry Services];
  • Identify protein and peptide substrates of kinases by in silico prediction, antibody microarray, peptide microarray and mass spectrometry approaches [Kinase-Substrate Profiling Services];
  • Identify inhibitors of kinases [Kinase-Inhibitor Activity Profiling and Kinase-Inhibitor Binding Profiling Services];
  • Obtain purified forms of desired recombinant proteins and synthetic peptides [Custom Protein and Peptide Production Services];
  • Correlate their findings with hundreds of other experimental model systems [KiNET Databank]; and
  • Have presentation and publication ready figures produced based on their results [Graphics Services].

In the past, researchers had to make intelligent guesses as to which of hundreds of signalling proteins may be relevant in their studies, gambled on which costly antibodies to procure to track these proteins, and trusted that their experiments were performed in-house without any other technical issues. Often the equipment required for proteomics research is beyond the financial means of the average lab. Kinexus has minimized the risks and maximized the prospects for research success by providing our unique suite of antibody-based proteomics and bioinformatics services to over 1800 academic and industrial labs for over 18 years. Our enabling proteomics services are unmatched for breadth, reliability, speed, convenience and affordability.

Our In Vivo Cell Culture services allow clients access to our inventory of over 230 cell and tissue lysates prepared from our panel of 12 diverse, popular human tumour cell lines, and from the organs and tissues of monkeys, mice, rats and frogs. The human tumour cells have been incubated with diverse drugs and hormones in dose response and time course studies. It is possible for clients to screen all of these cell/tissue lysates with any of our antibodies with our Reverse Lysate Microarray Services. We can also produce lysates from these cells treated according to our clients’ specifications. The Kinex™ Antibody Microarray Services monitor the binding of proteins to over 900 different antibodies that have been highly validated for their use in our Kinetworks™ Multi–immunoblotting Services.

There are many reasons why antibody microarrays in general can generate false positive and negative data, including cross-reactivity, protein complexes and masked epitopes. However, the low cost, reduced specimen material requirement, and fast turnaround for these services make these protein microarrays a high value proposition for our clients. The Kinex™ approach is an ideal first step for novel biomarker discovery. It is also very efficient for the discovery of novel substrates of protein kinases as demonstrated with our Kinase-Substrate Profiling Service.

Our standard Kinetworks™ Phosphosite multi-immunoblotting services track sets of 30 to 35 thematically-related signal transduction protein targets for their phosphorylation with high accuracy and reproducibility. We have tested over 2000 commercial antibodies to identify the top 20% that we use in our proteomics services. With our custom Kinetworks™ services, clients can choose from any 18 from over 900 different pan- and phosphosite-specific antibodies for the analysis of 1 tissue/cell sample or up to 3 targets of distinct molecular mass in 8 different samples. The custom Kinetworks™ services are ideally suited for validation of the antibody probes identified from our standard Kinetworks™ and Kinex™ services.
With the Kinetworks™ services, it is possible to find novel proteins that are altered in response to an experimental perturbation as well as reliable antibody reagents for tracking these proteins in future experiments. We offer protein identification services to identify interesting antibody-cross reactive proteins by mass spectrometry. With our Immunohistochemistry services, clients can follow up our Kinetworks™ immunoblotting analysis to determine the tissue and subcellular locations of proteins with the confidence that the antibodies used are mono-specific in the tissues and cells under study.

Due to the high variation of protein expression and phosphorylation that can arise in biological specimens, to identify the most robust and reliable biomarkers, it may be necessary to validate the biomarkers in hundreds of clinical samples. Our Custom Kinex™ Reverse Lysate Microarray Service permits such evaluations.

Our unique, integrated platform of proteomics
services can take your research to new heights

The results from thousands of Kinetworks™ and Kinex™ analyses performed over the last 18 years are available through our open-access KiNET-IB and KiNET-AM datebases. Over 95% of this immunoblotting and antibody microarray data is unavailable elsewhere. Clients have unlimited use of KiNET to query about the expression levels and phosphorylation states of hundreds of target proteins in hundreds of well defined experimental models systems. Using KiNET, clients can plan out their future cell signalling studies based on previously unpublished findings. They can also compare their own Kinetworks™ and Kinex™ results with the data from thousands of other experiments performed and analyzed with the very same methods, reagents, equipment and personnel.

We offer in vitro protein kinase-based services to foster drug discovery research. With our Custom Kinase-Substrate Profiling Service, clients can have Kinexus identify panels of physiological substrates for over 360 different protein kinases in the lysates from cells and tissues provided by our customers. This analysis also includes tentative identification of phosphorylation sites and phosphosite antibodies that permit detection of the kinase substrates. With our Kinex™ Kinase Substrate Microarray with optimized kinase substrate peptides and our In Silico Kinase Specificity Services, we can identify peptides for measurement of the enzymatic activities of most typical protein kinases from diverse species.

With our Kinase Inhibitor Activity Profiling Services, Kinexus can screen panels of compounds for their ability to inhibit the phosphotransferase activity of over 350 different protein kinases. Our DrugKiNET knowledgebase allows our clients to find previously unidentified off-target protein kinases for hundreds of existing, known kinase inhibitory compounds.

Based on analysis of our on-line PhosphoNET, TranscriptoNET and soon KinaseNET knowledgebases, clients may wish to obtain purified preparations of certain proteins and peptides. These are now available to our customers through out Custom Protein and Peptide Production Services.

Finally, as part of our continuing commitment for ensuring that clients are able to fully exploit the results from our Kinetworks™ and Kinex™ proteomics services, we also provide custom Graphics services in which we can produce publication and presentation ready figures of the results from these services.

With over 538 protein kinases and 152 protein phosphatases catalyzing the reversible phosphorylation of the human proteome at over half a million sites, the true complexity of cell signalling is only starting to become fully appreciated. Significant breakthroughs in signal transduction research will require the type of high content proteomics analyses of biological samples that Kinexus offers. Let us be your trusted research partner for your next big discovery.