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Custom Protein Synthesis and Peptide Synthesis Services

Kinexus is pleased to offer custom services for the production of recombinant proteins and synthesis of short peptides at highly competitive rates. From our bioinformatics analyses available in the SigNET KnowledgeBank (presently PhosphoNET and KinaseNET), clients may wish to have active recombinant enzymes and/or substrates produced to facilitate their research endeavors.

Recombinant Protein Synthesis

Our Custom Recombinant Protein Production (CRPP) Services can provide our clients with their protein of interest in quantities ranging from microgram to kilogram scale. Our process development team has extensive experience in gene cloning, expression, purification and activation of cell signalling proteins, including cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, kinases, phosphatases, and target proteins. Highlights of our Custom Recombinant Protein Production Services include:
  • Production of either untagged or tagged protein, with a choice of purification tags such as HIS or GST
  • Site-directed mutations can be carried out on the protein of interest
  • High biological activity through use of suitable expression methods, upstream activation, or specific activating mutations
  • Production of highly purified protein
  • Turnaround time of approximately 4-6 weeks
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Download Custom Recombinant Protein Production (CRPP) Services Fillable Forms in .doc format.
We can also provide upstream and downstream manufacturing process development for the production of pre-clinical materials.

Peptide Synthesis

Our Custom Synthetic Peptide Production (CSPP) Services offers the synthesis of high quality peptides in a cost-efficient manner. Short peptides can be designed to act as kinase substrates, pseudo-substrate inhibitors or antigenic peptides to elicit immune responses or for mapping epitopes. Since we use chemical approaches, the synthesis is not restricted to gene-encoded amino acids, but is also possible for using non-natural amino acids and other organic building blocks. Highlights of our Custom Synthetic Peptide Production Services include:
  • Synthesis of crude (80% pure) and up to 95% pure peptides
  • Insertions of building blocks, such as D amino acids, unnatural amino acids, and organic compounds are possible
  • Phosphopeptide synthesis and histone synthesis
  • Synthesis of cyclic peptides with disulfide or amide bridges
  • Custom peptide labeling and modifications are available, including acetylation, biotinylation, labeling with fluorophores (e.g. FITC, Dansyl), and others
  • BSA/KLH conjugation
  • QC with of HPLC and mass spectrometry (data sheets are available)
  • Turnaround time of approximately 3-4 weeks
In addition, Kinexus can label your protein or commercially available proteins with fluorophores or enzymes.
  • Use your protein (e.g. kinase or phosphatase) or a commercially available protein (e.g. IgG)
  • Label with your choice of fluorophore (e.g. FITC, FAM, TAMRA, Dansyl, Alexa-fluor dyes) or enzymes (e.g. HRP).
  • Biotinylation
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Download Custom Synthetic Peptide Production (CSPP) Services Fillable Forms in .doc format.

Peptide Arrays/Peptide Libraries

Our Custom Peptide Array Production (CPAP) Services provides researchers with the latest peptide macroarray technology. The facility encourages innovative approaches to proteomic discovery and offers screening formats like epitope mapping, peptide library and substitutional analysis for investigation of peptide-protein or protein-protein interactions or the search for bioactive peptides like protein/antibody binding, kinase substrates and others.

We offer a variety of services to meet your peptide array needs:
  • Epitope Mapping (Peptide Scan)
    Design your own custom peptide array for a simple approach to mapping epitopes or other binding areas by a set of overlapping peptides from any protein sequence.
  • Substitution Analysis (Replacement Scan)
    Substitution analysis of a peptide of your interest reveals critical amino acids or possible improvement of binding by amino acid exchanges. The standard peptide array for a substitution analysis would be carried out by systematic substitution of the peptide amino acids by all natural amino acids. The use of other building blocks, such as D-amino acids, unnatural amino acids, and other organic compounds is possible.
  • Truncation Analysis
    The tool of a truncation analysis helps to discover the shortest possible sequence that retains the activity by systematic decreasing of the length of a peptide of your interest from C terminus as well as from N terminus in order.
  • Random Peptide Library Screening
    Synthesis of a random peptide library with your parameters or with one of our standard random peptide libraries with 1200 random 15mer or 12mer peptide sequences in order to identify of bioactive peptides.
  • Combinatorial Peptide Library Screening
    Combinatorial peptide libraries are very useful tools for identification of bioactive peptides starting with a peptide library that represents all possible peptide sequences.
  • Cluster Peptide Library Screening
    Peptide screening starting with a peptide library that consists of random sequences using amino acids clustered by their physiochemical properties (e.g. Asp+Glu, Ile+Leu). It is a very useful alternative peptide screening tool to combinatorial and random peptide library.
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Download Custom Peptide Array Production (CPAP) Services Fillable Forms in .doc format.
For all enquiries related to peptide synthesis and array technical/research issues, work orders, and service fees, please contact Dr. Dirk Winkler by email at or by phone at 604-323-2547 Ext.17. For all enquiries related to invoicing and shipment of goods, please contact Michelle Mah by email at or by phone at 604-323-2547 Ext.13.
To learn more, download our customer information packages and contact our Technical Service representatives.