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Custom Peptide Synthesis Services


As an important component of our unique integrated suite of proteomics services, Kinexus is pleased to offer custom peptide synthesis to assist our clients in their discovery programs. Peptides are useful tools for the development of antibodies, substrates and probing protein-protein and drug-protein interactions. To process an order, you must complete the required documentation (see below). Please visit the Kinexus website at or contact us by e-mail at

We strive to provide our customers high quality, custom peptides in a cost-efficient manner. In contrast to biological systems, the chemical synthesis of peptides facilitates the introduction of D-amino acids, non-natural amino acids, histones and other organic building blocks. Additionally, several modifications of the peptides and their amino acids are possible. Phosphorylations, cyclizations, acetylations and labeling with biotin or fluorophores are standard techniques in our facility. All synthesized peptides undergo a thorough quality control by HPLC and mass spectrometry.

We synthesis peptides for clients in wide quantity range starting from 2 mg amounts. Our customers can choose between several purity grades:
  • Crude - recommended for first screening tests
  • 80% - for screening tests or immunization/antibody production tests
  • 90% - for average binding tests
  • 95% - for crystallization or sophisticated tests
Peptide synthesis is performed as solid-phase synthesis. Although it is possible to synthesize peptides with more than 80 amino acids, the highest success rates for this synthesis method are achieve with peptides with a length of maximum 35 amino acids. The success of the synthesis also depends on the precise sequence of the desired peptide. Even some 8mers are difficult, but not impossible to synthesize. Our success rate for peptide synthesis in 2009 was 97%.

Turnaround Time

The average turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks. Difficult peptide synthesis cases and preparation of highly purified peptides may take up to 6 weeks. Every effort is made to provide the fastest turnaround possible.

Pricing Information

Our Custom Synthetic Peptide Production (CSPP) Services offers the production of peptides in different amounts and purities. The price of peptides depends on their length and their desired purity. The displayed prices are valid for peptides with up to 20 amino acids only. Since for peptides longer than 20 amino acids a higher amount of material is necessary in order to achieve a certain amount of purified peptide we will charge a higher price for long peptides.

Peptide synthesis (price per amino acid; in USD)




































We also offer a great variety of peptide modifications. Here is a selection of those:
  • Acetylation
  • Biotinylation
  • D-amino acids
  • Non-natural amino acids
  • Fluorescence labeling (e.g. FITC, FAM, TAMRA, Dabcyl)
  • Phosphorylation (on distinct amino acids)
  • C-C cyclization
  • Amide cyclization
  • Ion Exchange (TFA -> Acetic Acid)
  • Protein conjugation (KLH, BSA)
The displayed prices show only a selection of possible modification. For prices for other amounts, modifications or the insertion of non-standard amino acids/organic building blocks please contact Dr. Dirk Winkler at for pricing.

We will aliquot the peptide for an additional charge of USD 2.00.

Every peptide will be delivered with the corresponding analytical data sheet. If additionally requested, the HPLC and mass spectrometry data sheets of the QC of the peptides are available USD 20.00 per peptide.

Forms to be Completed

The order forms to be completed to utilize our peptide synthesis services are provided in the Appendices Section of this Customer Information Package. Fillable MS-Word versions of these forms are directly downloadable from the Kinexus website at and by request by e-mail or by phone. Please contact Dr. Dirk Winkler by email at or by phone at 604-323-2547 Ext.17 for all enquiries related to peptide synthesis technical/research issues, work orders, service fees or request of fillable order forms.

All customers are required to complete the following forms for each order placed:
  • Kinexus Proteomics Services Agreement. Customers are required to complete and sign our standard Kinexus Services Agreement before their first order can be processed. Unless otherwise specified, this agreement is valid for all future orders with a standard term of 15 years. This agreement is not necessary if the customer is willing to pay in advance.
  • Service Order Form (CSPP-SOF). The Service Order Form (SOF) allows us to obtain client contact and billing information and establish the cost of the order.
  • Service Identification Form (CSPP-SIF). The Service Identification Form (SIF) permits us to determine which specific Custom Synthetic Peptide Production Service is requested.
When Kinexus received all the information complete and correct, you will receive a confirmation of the specifics for your order, including pricing. We will not proceed with your order until we have received verification of your approval to go ahead and process your order.

Related and Follow Up Services

Kinexus offers also customized synthesis of peptide arrays for our clients. These peptide array-based services include the following:
  • CPAP1 - Epitope Mapping
  • CPAP2 - Substitution Analysis
  • CPAP3 - Truncation Analysis
  • CPAP4 - Random Peptide Library
  • CPAP5 - Combinatorial Library
  • CPAP6 - Cluster Peptide Library
  • CPAP7 - Loop Scan
  • CPAP8 - Customized Peptide Library
  • CPAPA - CelluSpots Custom Peptide Array
  • CPAPB - CelluSpots Kinase Substrate Array
Customers interested in these peptide array-based services should the Kinexus website at

Synthetic peptides that are produced as kinase substrates or pseudo-substrate inhibitors with our services can be tested for their ability to bind to a wide range of protein kinases with our Kinex™ Protein Kinase Microarray (KPKM) Services.

For further enquiries, please contact Dr. Dirk Winkler by email at or by phone at 604-323-2547 Ext.17.