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Recombinant Protein Production Services


As an important component of our unique integrated suite of proteomics services, Kinexus is pleased to offer custom recombinant proteins to assist our clients in their discovery programs. Recombinant proteins are useful tools for the development of antibodies and substrates, and for probing protein-protein and drug-protein interactions. They can provide insights into drug target identification, drug discovery, mechanism of drug action, and animal and toxicology studies. Our Recombinant Protein Production (RPP) Services can provide clients with their proteins of interest in quantities ranging from microgram to even kilogram scale.

This package contains all of the information and forms required for our clients to utilize our protein production services. For convenience, the various forms are available in fillable MS-Word versions that can be downloaded directly from the Kinexus website at or requested by e-mail from

Our process development team of Kinexus staff with our collaborators have extensive experience in gene cloning, expression, purification and activation of cell signalling proteins, including cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, kinases, phosphatases, and other target proteins. Highlights of the custom Recombinant Protein Production Service include:
  • Production of either untagged or tagged protein, with a choice of purification tags such as His or GST;
  • Site-directed mutations can be carried out on the protein of interest;
  • High biological activity through use of suitable expression methods, upstream activation, or specific activating mutations; and
  • Production of highly purified protein
We can also provide upstream and downstream manufacturing process development for the production of pre-clinical materials. The principal objective here is to produce sufficient quantities of pre-clinical materials while meeting mutually agreeable specifications.

Kinexus can also provide microgram quantities of proteins for clients to carry out target validation and mechanism-of-action experiments for their lead compound, after kinase inhibitor profiling, for example with our Kinex™ Protein Kinase Microarray (KPKM) Inhibitor screening services or our Kinase Inhibitor Activity Profiling (KICP) services. Our recombinant protein production services makes available to the researcher the same enzymes used in these initial kinase inhibitor profiling services, and assures continuity in our client’s data in follow on studies.

Recombinant Proteins Available

The recombinant protein kinases offered in our Recombinant Protein Production Service possess high specific activities, and generally represent full-length human clones. In some instances, we use kinases that feature activating mutations that may occur in vivo. But generally, the kinases are activated by endogenous phosphorylation in the baculovirus-infected insect cells or by the addition of the purified and activate upstream protein kinase. For each kinase used in the KCIP Service, the assay conditions have been carefully optimized to ensure the highest levels of phosphotransferase activity. At least 350 protein kinases are presently available from Kinexus. An MS-Excel spreadsheet with very detailed information on each protein kinase along with active hyperlinks to other websites can be downloaded from our website at

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time is approximately 4 to 6 weeks depending on the difficulty in the gene cloning and expression, the amount of protein required, and the degree of protein purification desired. Every effort is made to provide the fastest turnaround possible.

Pricing Information

In view of the customized nature and the opportunity for volume discounts for the CRPP Service, it is necessary to obtain a quotation from Kinexus for the desired work. To obtain a quotation, clients should complete the Custom Recombinant Protein Production - Service Order Form (CRPP-SOF) in the sections under “Customer Information” and “Requested Work and Pricing Information” up to the point indicated on this form. In addition, if the client has additional information regarding their protein, they should provide this on the Recombinant Protein Production - Service Information Form (CRPP-SIF). These forms should be transmitted by facsimile to 604-323-2548 or by e-mail to attention to “CRPP Service.” Completion and submission of the CRPP-SOF and CRPP-SIF forms will permit us to determine your specific needs and provide an accurate estimate of the costs.

Issued quotations are valid for 30 days from issuance. In the event that a special promotion on the CRPP Service is offered at a lower price within 30 days of ordering the CRPP Service by a client, the lower promotional price will be applied at the time of billing the client.

Forms to be Completed

The order forms to be completed to utilize our recombinant protein synthesis services are provided in the Appendices Section of this Customer Information Package. Fillable MS-Word versions of these forms are directly downloadable from the Kinexus website at and by request either by e-mail or by phone. Please contact our Technical Service Representatives by email at or by phone at 604-323-2547 Ext. 1 for all enquiries related to recombinant protein production technical/research issues, work orders, service fees or request of fillable order forms.

Related and Follow Up Services

Kinexus offers a wide range of standard and custom proteomics services, including the production of customized soluble peptides (CSPP) and peptide arrays (CPAP). Customers interested in these particular peptide-based services should download our Custom Synthetic Peptide Production (CSPP) and Custom Peptide Array Production (CPAP) Customer Information Packages from the homepage of the Kinexus website at

Recombinant proteins that are produced as kinase substrates or regulatory proteins with our services can be tested for their ability to bind to a wide range of protein kinases with our Kinex™ Protein Kinase Microarray (KPKM) Services.