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The nanocosm within a cell is source of artistic inspiration as well as scientific intrigue. We hope you enjoy these artistic renditions of these hidden inner vistas that our most powerful microscopes are only beginning to penetrate.

The materials provided on this website are copyrighted by Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation, but permission is given for their free use for personal and educational, non-profit purposes. An exception is the sound tracks and fine art images produced by Dr. William Campbell (, which are for personal use only.
Photographs of cells and animals.
Movies and links to mainly videos of cells.
Over 100 animations of cell signalling proteins in complexes and pathways. Most of the animations are based on the 3D x-ray crystallographic structures of proteins.
Original Music
Short sound tracks generated from the amino acid sequences of twelve catalytic domains from different families of cell signalling proteins.
Still Art
Over 80 artistic images of inner vistas of cellscapes and proteins.