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Still Art

Kinexus has been very fortunate to benefit from the artistic skills of with some extremely talented graphic designers whose works have grace our advertisements and educational materials. Most of the images that can be downloaded from this webpage were produced with the graphic talents of Cameron Bowyer ( and Dr. William Campbell ( These images are provided in Adobe PDF format for your viewing pleasure.

Conserved Amino Acids in Catalytic Domains of Signal Transduction Proteins

These are high resolution images of the 3D x-ray crystallographic structures of representative signalling proteins that have been colourized to show key conserved amino acid residues that form part of the active sites of these enzymes. Alignments of the amino acid sequences in the catalytic domains of these proteins are also shown. These images appeared originally in our 2005 Calendar, which was designed by Cameron Bowyer. Animated versions of these proteins as well as soundtracks unique to each can be downloaded from the Animations page of this website. (ADOBE PDF FORMAT)

Cellscapes – Artistic Renditions of the Inside and Outside of Cells

These colourful artistic impressions generated by Cameron Bowyer of the microenvironments in and around cells provide a visual tour of the nanoscopic world within us. There is some artistic license in these images, since at the atomic level, colours do not exist. (ADOBE PDF FORMAT)

Cell-Inspired Fine Art

The following abstract landscapes by Dr. William Campbell ( are based on imaginary molecular/biological events that occur in living systems. They may be downloaded for personal use only. Several of these images appeared in our 2008 Kinexus Calendar. Contact Kinexus at if you would like a free copy.