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Custom Cell Preparation

To permit our clients to fully benefit from our unique proteomics services without the hassles of cell culture, treatment and harvesting, subcellular fractionation, protein assay and shipping of frozen lysates, we are pleased to offer the convenience and cost savings of our In Vivo Cell Preparation services. Kinexus can prepare lysates from our panel of 12 human tumour cell lines (described below) that have been treated according to our clients’ requirements. Send us your experimental compounds (e.g. drugs), proteins (e.g. cytokines and hormones) or oligonucleotides (e.g. RNAsi), and we will perform the treatments of the cells according to your specifications and generate lysates compatible for testing with any of our Kinex™ antibody microarray and Kinetworks™ immunoblotting services.
For use in our In Vivo services, we have selected 12 of the most commonly studied human tumour cells, which also provide broad representation for tissue source, gender and age of the originators. These cells were obtained at low passage number from the American Type Culture Collection. They have also received extensive previous characterization by Kinetworks™ analysis, and this data is available via the Internet from our KiNET databank.
The following is a listing of the current Kinexus human tumour cell line panel:


Skin epidermoid carcinoma cells


Lung carcinoma cells


Colon carcinoma cells

HEK 293

Female fetal kidney cells


Cervix epithelial adenocarcinoma cells


Liver carcinoma cells


Peripheral blood promyeloblasts


Umbilical vein endothelial cells


T cell leukemia cells


Breast epithelial adenocarcinoma cells


Prostate adenocarcinoma cells


Brain glioblastoma cells
cell lysates
For preparation of lysates for cells treated according to client specifications, please refer to our In Vivo Services Customer Information Package. Our standard charge is just US$400 for the first lysate and US$250 for each subsequent lysate from the same cell type. These costs include:
• Your choice of one of the twelve Kinexus cell lines listed above
• Cell treatment according to your specification of dose and time
• Cell harvesting and homogenization
• Ultracentrifugation of the cell lysate
• Measurement of the lysate protein concentration
• Production of sufficient protein for 1 Kinex™ analysis and 1 Kinetworks™ analysis