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KINEX™ Microarrays

The Kinex™ Microarray Services for signal transduction protein profiling are convenient and extremely cost-effective solutions for the broad discovery of productive research leads and extensive characterization of specific proteins and kinase inhibitors. Kinex™ chips are printed with either solid pins or with ink-jet spray technology to create high density arrays with antibodies (antibody microarrays), cell/tissue lysates (reverse microarrays) and kinase substrate peptides (peptide microarrays). Our unique microarray services provide researchers with access to these powerful technologies for application to their research programs without the need for special expertise and expensive equipment such as microarray scanners and quantification software. Our goal is to keep the costs for our Kinex™ services lower than if clients purchased custom microarrays and tried to perform these analyses in-house in their own laboratories. Furthermore, Kinexus provides a variety of follow up services so that our clients can rapidly validate and correlate their microarray results for their most exciting research leads.

The Kinex™ Antibody Microarray services allow for a rapid screening with 1700 different commercial antibodies for potential to detect proteins that are altered in their expression, phosphorylation or protein-protein interactions in lysates from cells and tissues in response to diverse experimental perturbations or pathological conditions.
Our Standard Kinex™ Reverse Microarray services permit our clients to further characterize specific proteins that are shown to be altered in our Kinex™ Antibody Microarray or Kinetworks™ Multi-immunoblotting services in a wide variety of tissues of monkey, mouse, rat, rabbit and frog origin as well as 12 different human tumour cell lines treated in time course and dose response studies with diverse hormones and drugs. With our Custom Kinex™ Reverse Microarray services, Kinexus can produce microarrays with cell and tissue lysates that are supplied by our clients for analysis. These services provide a powerful strategy for biomarker discovery and validation.

Our Kinex™ Kinase Substrate Peptide Profiling Services uniquely permits experimental definition of key substrate specificity determinants for protein kinases. It utilizes over 600 peptides that have been predicted with our kinase substrate prediction algorithm for 492 human protein kinase catalytic domains. The application of this service permits the development of artificial substrates for protein kinases that may be useful for high throughput drug screening and can help identify physiological substrates of protein kinases of interest. With our In Silico Kinase Substrate Prediction services, we can narrow down to the most promising peptide substrates, which can be printed on to nitrocellulose membranes for testing with over 360 purified recombinant human protein kinases that are available at Kinexus.

Kinexus can also print up custom Kinex™ Phosphatase Substrate Peptide Microarrays with over 600 different phosphopeptides to assist in protein phosphatase specificity profiling. Clients interested having Kinexus produce these microarrays for protein phosphatase substrate profiling should contact our Technical Service Representatives for pricing and availability.