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Kinetworks™ Custom Protein Profiling Services

Kinetworks™ Custom Protein Screen (KCPS) 1.0

Kinetworks™ Custom Protein Screen (KCSS) 1.0

Kinexus offers two flexible screening services to track the presence and phosphorylation states of protein targets of your choice in cell and tissue specimens. With the KCPS 1.0 service, Kinexus will quantify expression and phosphorylation signals with up to 18 different antibodies on a Western blot of a single tissue/cell lysate. With the KCSS 1.0 service, we can track up to 3 proteins of diverse molecular mass in 8 separate tissue/cell lysates on a single Western blot.
These custom Kinetworks™ services are ideal for validation of results from our Kinex™ antibody microarray services or following up on findings from our standard Kinetworks™ multi-immunoblotting services. We highly recommend that clients take advantage of our on-line KiNET Databank service in their selection of target proteins for custom Kinetworks™ analyses. Access to data for all proteins and phosphosites in KiNET is provided for free.
Features of the KCPS 1.0 and KCSS 1.0 services include:
  • Clients can choose from over 800 commercial pan-specific or phosphosite specific antibodies that have been validated in-house with our rigorous standards of specificity and potency.
  • Flexibility to include your own antibodies into these screens.
  • Qualitative results with TIFF image of the immunoblots.
  • Quantitative results with measurement of the intensity of the immunoblot signals over a thousand-fold range.
  • Bar graphical representation of immunoblotting results.