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Custom Graphics Services

As part of our commitment to ensuring that our clients are able to fully benefit from our Kinetworks™ Multi-immunoblotting and Kinex™ Antibody Microarray Services, we are pleased to offer Custom Graphics Services to assist in the production of presentation ready materials based on our customers’ results. We can prepare colored slides suitable for Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation or black and white figures that are suitable for journal publication. Our standard charge is only $89 per slide or figure.

The PowerPoint slides can be produced with overlaid images of the Kinetworks™ immunoblots or Kinex™ microarray scans. The differential regulation of detected proteins can be visualized in various colour combinations as presented in the animation shown above. In the case of the Kinetworks™ immunoblots, they are provided both unlabeled and labeled with names of the target proteins on the images.
Powerpoint slides may also be generated for bar graph representation of the Kinetworks™ results. Furthermore, we can also prepare customized simple diagrammatic slides of cell signalling pathways.

For journal publication, we can prepare black, white and gray scale or colour figures of either Kinetworks™ immunoblot images or Kinex™ microarray scans. We can also produce black and white figures of bar graph representation of the Kinetworks™ results. These figures can be supplied in Adobe® Illustrator, Adobe® Photoshop (eps, tiff) or Adobe® pdf format.

Turnaround time for these graphical services is typically within one week. Please contact our technical service representatives at 1-866-KINEXUS (1-866-546-3987) or by e-mail at should you be interested in using our custom graphics services.