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KiNET-IB DataBase

Kinexus is pleased to offer to the biomedical research community our open-access, on-line KiNET DataBank with antibody-based measurements of hundreds of signaling proteins and phosphosites in over 10,000 different tissues and specimens. This unique resource was assembled from the data collected from the provision of our Kinetworks™ multi-immunoblotting services and our Kinex™ antibody microarray services to over 1700 clients over the last 16 years. Over 95% of these data are unpublished. Through the cooperation and generosity of our clients, these findings are available for use without restriction for both academic and industrial scientists. We only request that Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation (Vancouver, Canada) and KiNET are properly acknowledged in any publications resulting from the use of the data provided.

The KiNET-Immunoblotting (KiNET-IB) DataBase features over 200,000 measurements of the expression and phosphorylation states of hundreds of signal transduction proteins from over 6000 Kinetworks™ multi-immunoblots performed with control and treated tissue/cell samples. Immunoblotting remains the gold standard for protein quantification. KiNET-IB is a useful tool for evaluating proteins that may participate in the control of diverse cellular processes and their connection with other proteins in signaling pathways. For our clients, it can be very helpful in the narrowing done of promising leads from our Kinex™ Antibody Microarray services for further validation by Western blotting.

KiNET-IB was developed in part with the support of the National Research Council of Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program. The underlying proprietary object-based software for KiNET-IB was produced by Visual Knowledge, which has since become defunct. We have not been able to modify or update KiNET-IB for over 4 years. Consequently, about half of the Kinetworks™ multi-immunoblotting data possessed by Kinexus has not yet been deposited into KiNET-IB.
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KiNET-AB DataBase

KiNET-Antibody Microarray (KiNET-AM) DataBase was launched in July 2011. It holds over 3 million measurements from about 4000 tissue and cell lysate samples analyzed with our Kinex™ Antibody Microarray Services. The website interface was developed by students from the British Columbia Institute for Technology and the database was created with partial support from the National Research Council of Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program.

All of the protein measurements deposited in both KiNET databases were generated with the top 20% of over 3500 commercial antibodies that were independently tested and validated by Kinexus. Since all of the KiNET data were produced with the same reagents, methodology and equipment by our highly experienced scientists and technicians, the results are highly comparable.

KiNET-IB and KiNET-AM can both be queried for the regulation of a target protein in hundreds of well defined experimental model systems. Alternatively, a tissue, cell line or specific treatment can be interrogated for changes in the expression and phosphorylation of hundreds of proteins.

With the availability of KiNET DataBank, our clients can view their Kinetworks™ and Kinex™ proteomics services results in a much broader context. KiNET is also a useful tool to plan out future antibody microarray and immunoblotting experiments to maximize the prospects of research success. Clients can preview the expression levels and phosphorylation states of specific proteins in similar experimental model systems to better select the subset of proteins they should investigate.
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