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In Silico Phosphoprotein Match Prediction (IPMP) Services

This custom In Silico Prediction Service is designed to identify putative phosphosites in a human protein of special interest and differentiate the protein kinases that are most likely able to phosphorylate these phosphosites. To identify phosphosites that potentially play important regulatory roles, this service includes an analysis of their evolutionary conservation.

With our In Silico Phosphoprotein Match Prediction (IPMP) Service, for any one of 21,000 human proteins, we provide a listing of the most promising predicted as well as experimentally confirmed phosphosites and the individual scores of approximately 500 different human protein kinase catalytic domains to target each of these putative phosphosites. We also provided evolutionary analyses of the phosphosites in a target human protein for their conservation in up to 20 different species. This is our premier bioinformatics service, because it offers our most comprehensive analysis of a protein of interest and provides the greatest value.
To utilize this unique and insightful bioinformatics service, clients just have to provide the Uniprot ID for the human protein that they wish to have profiled for predicted phosphosites and the kinases that are likely to target these phosphosites. The results of the analyses are provided back to clients by e-mail in an MS-Excel spreadsheet for easy manipulation. Further information on all of the human protein kinases is available from PhosphoNET ( and in the near future on KinaseNET ( In combination with other information, our phosphosite and matching kinase prediction for a phosphoprotein can provide excellent leads for further follow up with our diverse proteomics services.

For more information and everything you need to take advantage of our unique In Silico Phosphoprotein Match Prediction (IPMP) Services for your own research program, please download our Customer Information Package.