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KINETWORKS™ Multi-immunoblotting Services

The Kinetworks™ signal transduction protein profiling services are convenient, reliable and cost-effective solutions to assist scientists in the discovery of productive research leads. These services utilize a proprietary technology based on multi-immunoblotting that generates a unique identification pattern for each cell/tissue lysate sample analyzed and can provide information about the quantitative expression level for each protein detected and its covalent modification by phosphorylation. It is highly accurate, since the detection of a target protein is based on its immunoreactivity and apparent molecular mass. Kinexus has undertaken the testing of more than 6000 commercial antibodies from over 25 suppliers to select the most potent and specific antibodies for detecting low abundance proteins over a wide range of model systems. Furthermore, Kinexus has recently developed its own line of over 600 pan- and phosphosite-specific antibodies. The Kinetworks™ approach, which has been under development and field-tested for over sixteen years, is faster and more sensitive for specific protein detection and offers greater versatility and reproducibility any other proteomics methods. Kinexus can presently track more than 500 different cell signalling proteins for expression and/or phosphorylation at specific phosphosites and several hundred unknown cross-reactive proteins. Only our Kinex™ antibody microarray services provide a lower cost alternative to profiling changes in protein expression and phosphorylation than our Kinetworks™ protein profiling, but the microarray approach is less accurate and generates a high degree of false positives and false negatives. Our Kinetworks™ Custom Antibody Screen (KCPS 1.0) is the recommended route to validate interesting results that are generated from our Kinex™ microarray services.

Kinexus currently offers 4 different standard analytical signal transduction phosphoprotein profiling services to track protein phosphosites. In addition to our standard screens, we offer 2 flexible custom screening services. The Kinetworks™ Custom (Multi-Antibody) Protein Screen (KCPS 1.0) permits clients to choose any 18 antibodies of interest out of more than 877. The Kinetworks™ Custom (Multi-Sample) Screen (KCSS-1.0) allows clients to choose up to 3 target proteins (of diverse molecular weight) quantified in 8 different samples side by side on the same immunoblot. Clients can freely compare and correlate their experimental results with our Kinetworks™ services with thousands of other Kinetworks™ analyses that Kinexus has performed over the last 16 years by querying our KiNET databank on-line.
Our Kinetworks™ analyses of over 10,000 cell/tissue samples have revealed that there is a high degree of variability in the expression and phosphorylation levels of signal transduction proteins in diverse cell and tissue type that is species, organ, tissue and gender dependent. Note that gene microarray data usually provides misleading information about actual protein levels. Consequently, we recommend that our standard Kinetworks™ Screens be performed initially to ascertain which target proteins are detectable in your experimental model systems before conducting any Custom Screens. All experimental results should still be reproduced prior to publication in accordance with good laboratory practices. When clients observe significant changes in the expression or phosphorylation of target proteins with our Kinetworks™ services, we are willing to disclose the commercial sources of these antibodies upon request so that our clients can follow up on their results in their own laboratories.

Kinexus provides both qualitative and semi-quantitative analyses of the expression and phosphorylation states of protein kinases and cell signalling proteins in cell and tissue samples as part of the Kinetworks™ screening service. The qualitative analyses include TIFF files of the immunoblots that feature the detected target signalling proteins (see example of a Kinetworks™ immunoblot image below). The Kinetworks™ analysis has been specially optimized to reveal band shifts in signalling proteins on SDS-PAGE gels that may arise from their phosphorylation. The quantitative analysis of the strength of the enhanced chemiluminescence signal for each target protein is provided in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. For multiple samples within the same profiles, Kinexus provides Comparison Reports for the target proteins and graphs the data against the control samples. The Kinetworks™ screening service is unmatched for the information that it provides about multiple kinase expressions and phosphorylations in a single assay. All the Kinetworks™ Screens have been optimized to perform in human, mouse and rat model systems, but can also work for many protein targets in cow, pig, dog, rabbit, chicken, frog, sea star and other various model systems.
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