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In Silico Kinase Match Prediction (IKMP) Services

We believe that there may actually be a million or more human phosphosites. Moreover, mutations of the amino acids residues in phosphorylation sites may result in recognition by additional protein kinases. Most protein kinases appear to have broad and overlapping substrate specificities. Many phosphosites are likely to be targeted by multiple kinases.

Kinexus has developed a powerful kinase substrate specificity algorithm for prediction of optimal substrates as described in our In Silico Kinase Specificity Prediction (IKSP) Services. The positive and negative determinants in the surrounding amino acids of phosphorylation sites have been deduced to create scoring matrices for nearly 500 human protein kinases. This permits Kinexus to test any known or putative phosphorylation site as a substrate for all of these protein kinases in silico.

As a contribution for the advancement of biomedical research, we have already performed this for over 180,000 known and 860,000 predicted human phosphosites, and the top 50 best scoring kinases for each of these phosphosites can be accessed on-line freely from our PhosphoNET KnowledgeBase.

To permit our clients to identify strong kinase candidates that may target novel and mutated phosphosites, we have developed our custom In Silico Kinase Match Prediction (IKMP) Services. To utilize this unique and insightful bioinformatics service for our Introductory Price of only US$89 per analysis, clients just have to provide the 15 amino acid sequence surrounding the phosphosite that they wish to identify optimal kinases for. In combination with other information, the matching kinase prediction can provide excellent leads for further follow up. At this time, we cannot include phospho-amino acids at other locations surrounding the phosphosite in the scoring of kinase hits for a phosphosite.

With our follow up Custom Peptide Synthesis Services, Kinexus can produce synthetic peptides with amino acid sequences that correspond to phosphosites of high interest. Furthermore, with our In Vitro Kinase and Phosphopeptide Testing (IKPT) Services, Kinexus can test the ability of over 350 different kinases to phosphorylate these peptides or recombinant proteins that feature these phosphosites. This can permit the narrowing down of the best candidate kinases for important phosphosites and discover new kinase signalling pathways.

For more information and everything you need to take advantage of our unique In Silico Kinase Match Prediction (IKMP) Services for your own research program, please download our Customer Information Package.