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2004 Publications

Avramoglu R, Adeli K
Hepatic regulation of Apolipoprotein B
Reviews in Endocrine & Metabolic Disorders, November 2004, Volume 5, No. 4, pp. 293-301
PMID: 15486461
Davis M
Mechanistic connections between cell signaling pathways and pathological endpoints
Toxicological Pathology, March 2004, Volume 32, Supplement, pp. 131-135
PMID: 15209413
Galindo C, Fadl A, Sha J, Gutierrez Jr. C, Popov V, Boldogh I, Aggarwal B, Chopra A
Aeromonas hydrophila cytotoxic enterotoxin activates mitogen-activated protein kinases and induces apoptosis in murine macrophages and human intestinal epithelial cells
Journal of Biological Chemistry, September 2004, Volume 279, No. 36, pp. 37597-37612
PMID: 15215244
Gherardi D, D'Agati V, Chu T, Barnett A, Gianella-Borradori A, Gelman I, Nelson P
Reversal of collapsing glomerulopathy in mice with the cyclin-dependent kinase Inhibitor CYC202
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, May 2004, Volume 15, No. 5, pp. 1212-1222
PMID: 15100361
Grieb P
Transgenic models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Folia Neropathologica, May 2004, Volume 42, No. 4, pp. 239-248
PMID: 15679043
Hu H, Xin M, Belayev L, Zhang J, Block E, Patel J
Autoinhibitory domain fragment of endothelial NOS enhances pulmonary artery vasorelaxation by the NO-cGMP pathway
American Journal of Physiology, May 2004, Volume 286, No. 5, pp. L1066-1074
PMID: 14729513
Pelech S
Tracking cell signaling protein expression and phosphorylation by innovative proteomic solutions
Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, February 2004, Volume 5, No. 1, pp. 69-77
PMID: 14965210
Pelech S
PLK-1, a cancer drug target?, July 2004, Press Release
Parvathy S, Ehrlich M, Pedrini S, Diaz N, Refolo LBuxbaum J, Bogush A, Petanceska S, Gandy S
Atorvastatin-induced activation of Alzheimer's α secretase is resistant to standard inhibitors of protein phosphorylation-regulated ectodomain shedding
Journal of Neurochemistry, August 2004, Volume 90, No. 4, pp. 1005-1010
PMID: 15287907
Prudhomme W, Duggar K, Laffenburger D
Cell population dynamics model of deconvolution of murine embryonic stem cell self-renewal and differentiation responses to cytokines and extracellular matrix
Biotechnology and Bioengineering, March 2004, Volume 88, No. 3, pp. 264-272
PMID: 15486930
Prudhomme W, Daley G, Zandstra, Lauffenburger D
Multivariate proteomic analysis of murine embryonic stem cell self-renewal versus differentiation signaling
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, March 2004, Volume 101, No. 9, pp. 2900-2905
PMID: 14978270
Ramirez-Montagut T, Blachere N, Sviderskaya E, Bennett D, Rettig W, Garin-Chesa P, Houghton A
FAPα, a surface peptidase expressed during wound healing, is a tumor suppressor
Oncogene, July 2004, Volume 23, No. 32, pp. 5435-5446
PMID: 15133496
Reid T, Jin X, Song H, Tang H, Reynolds R, Lin J
Modulation of Janus Kinase 2 by p53 in ovarian cancer cells
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, August 2004, Volume 321, No. 2, pp. 441-447
PMID: 15358195
Surmacz E, Bartucci M
Role of Estrogen Receptor α in modulating IGF-I receptor signaling and function in breast cancer
Journal of Experimental Clinical Research, September 2004, Volume 23, No. 3, pp. 385-394
PMID: 15595626
Sundstrom J, Little D, Villinger F, Ellis J, Ansari A
Signaling through Toll-like Receptors triggers HIV-1 replication in latently infected mast cells
Journal of Immunology, April 2004, Volume 172, No. 7, pp. 4391-4401
PMID: 15034054
Wang J, Yang G, Li Z, Shen W
Fibroblast responses to cyclic mechanical stretching depend on cell orientation to the stretching direction
Journal of Biomechanics, April 2004, Volume 34, No. 4, pp. 573-576
PMID: 14996570
Wang X, Li H, De Leo D, Guo W, Koshkin V, Fantus I, Giacca A, Chan C, Der S, Wheeler M
Gene and protein kinase expression profiling of reactive oxygen species - associated lipotoxicity in the pancreatic β-cell line MIN6
Diabetes, January 2004, Volume 53, No. 1, pp. 129-140
PMID: 14693707
Woods A, White D, Caswell P, Norman J
PKD1/PKCμ promotes αβv3 integrin recycling and delivery to nascent focal adhesions
The EMBO Journal, July 2004, Volume 23, No. 13, pp. 2541-2543
PMID: 15192707
Zhang H, Pelech S, Uitto V
Bacterial GroEL-like heat shock protein 60 protects epithelial cells from stress-induced death through activation of ERK and inhibition of capase 3
Experimental Cell Research, January 2004, Volume 292, No. 1, pp. 231-240
PMID: 14720522
Zhang H, Shi X, Paddon H, Hampong M, Dai W, Pelech S
B23/Nucleophosmin serine 4 phosphorylation mediates mitotic functions of Polo-like Kinase 1
Journal of Biological Chemistry, August 2004, Volume 270, No. 34, pp. 35726-35734
PMID: 15190079